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Come as you are and join forces with our experienced venture builders and operators on realizing your project on Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).
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Our Strategic Partners


CAYA is your premier JV partner for blockchain projects, ideating, empowering, building and launching end-to-end solutions leveraging the power of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).
At CAYA, we live and breathe innovation, integrity, and excellence. We are committed to creating companies beyond imaginable expectations. Partner with us to accelerate your project with the following set of activities:
Empower and validate your idea
Before you start your development activities, it's important to have a solid business concept. Our business analysts are experts in spotting loopholes and creating the perfect business model that is adaptable to market conditions and your business values. Our professional design team not only focuses on creating visually appealing designs but also on ensuring that the user experience is comfortable and understandable.
Develop your ICP product
We don't just execute tasks, we review your business documents and create a tech architecture that considers the best tech solutions and potential scalability of your project. With our agile approach, we work on frequent releases of the designed functionality and include the best tech practices. If you need a trusted partner with deep security knowledge who can build your project from scratch, you are in the right place.
Architectural planning and token design
Once your business vision is set, we can help you create a first-class tech architecture and tokenomics model. With half a decade of experience in this field, we understand the latest trends and find workable solutions for each specific project. You can rely on our vast experience and tech expertise.
Promote and drive adoption
Is your project ready to be deployed? It definitely needs some shout-out to the community and the world out there! Our marketing experts can help advertise your project via the latest marketing strategies and techniques. We take care of agreements with magazines, KOLs, video content creation, and strategy formation. We've got you covered!
Co-create a solid business model
Modern business is always about numbers, planning, and flexibility. Current market conditions are forcing even the strongest projects to adapt, evolve, and compete. Our business team is part of the board of advisors of key players in the industry. If you want to be coached and consulted by the best, we know how to provide value to your business canvas.
Strategic fundraising support
If you have a brilliant idea but investors and the community are not eager to invest, we have a solution for that! Our business developers and analysts have prepared numerous successful fundraising campaigns over the years and can help you pitch and present your project correctly. We start with strategy preparation, enhancing your business documents, and communication channels and end with mastering your pitch, which brings new investments and opportunities to your board table.

CAYA is the first security auditor in ICP ecosystem!

At CAYA, we pride ourselves on our commitment to security and reliability. We are the first security auditor to work exclusively with the ICP network, ensuring that our clients' codebases are secure, operational, and ready for deployment.
We use a range of cutting-edge tools and methodologies to conduct our security services:
Canister Audits
Ongoing Code Review
Penetration Testing
Risk Assessment

Our latest smart contract Audits

Psychedelic DIP-20
Psychedelic is a decentralized product studio building web3 products for an omni-chain world.
Check it out
ICLighthouse is a decentralized finance ecosystem on the IC blockchain.
Check it out

We are your key strategic partner

Our Goal
To Turn ICP Community into Vibrant & Popular Ecosystem
Our Approach
Build and Launch Together, From Zero to Hero!
Our Cooperation
We Will Be There for You!

Our Open-source Products

Mofram is a Motoko framework with react on the frontend for Internet Computer
Learn More
ICP Synergy
We are building an open-source library for development community
Coming Soon

Our Visionary Leaders

We gathered a team of visioners who are keen on ICP and have perfect skills in business management and tech building. At CAYA we believe that the future stands with the ICP network and in a fully decentralized manner. That’s why our team contributes to the ecosystem by building open-source solutions and tools.
Ian Arden
General Partner, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Advisor, Developer, and Investor
Prior to blockchain experience, Ian led web2 development teams, helping startups from Silicon Valley, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries.
Blockchain career started with virtual assets exchange technology, which Ian and his team built for a group of traders and investors. Ian decided to dedicate himself full time to crypto in 2017.
Ian co-founded and leads blockchain building studio Applicature and has been cultivating its reputation since 2017. He is founder of CAYA and 10+ Companies & Initiatives, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the field.
Roxy Zakharuk
Andrii Burmitskii
Tech Lead
Ana Ermolova
Business Development


At CAYA, we work with a wide range of blockchain startups and companies, helping them bring their innovative ideas to life. If you're a venture capital or private investor looking for breakthrough Web3 startups to invest in, we can help.
Our portfolio of companies represents some of the most promising and game-changing projects in the blockchain space. From new technologies to world-changing projects, our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors and industries, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and social impact.
Secure my project!
If you are looking for not execution of your scope only but to have a long-term visionary partner you are in the right place!
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